Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our All-Knowing GPS

Zander was full of questions this weekend -- everything from "how does the GPS know where to go" to "how does water get in the faucet" to "how *did* the baby get in your tummy?"

I thought we were doing pretty well keeping up with him. Re, the GPS question, we explained that we enter in the address and the GPS links to a satellite with maps that then tells it how to get there.

A day or so later, while using the GPS to find our way home from the Loudon County Fair (mentioned yesterday), Z asked if he could one day go to Texas to visit his friend's grandmother, who happens to live there. I said maybe, but first we would have to ask his friend's parents where the grandmother lived -- to which Zander replied something along the lines of, "No, we'll just ask the GPS!"

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