Friday, September 12, 2008

The Belly (or The Irony)

The irony of me posting this picture is unbelievable.

But after this post, I got a few "you don't look that big at all" comments, so I figured I needed to get a more accurate photo, 'cause I sure feel big. Next, I actually *asked* Brad to take a photo of me. (I usually shy away from the camera since I rarely like photos of myself -- much less photos of myself flaunting a big belly). If I wasn't pregnant, I would never do this. Just not that kind of gal I guess. I mean, sure, maybe once in college after a few drinks, but that's it. And everyone promised to destroy those photos. Kidding.

So, here it is folks -- in all it's glory: my big pale belly. Zander is giving his little sister a kiss, as he likes to do at this stage of the game. Note that the day this was taken (9/11/08) was exactly three (3) months from my due date. Yes, I have three more months to go.


Melissa and Peter said...

There's definitely a beach ball there but you look amazing! xoxo M

kristi said...

my first pregnancy was blissful and the second was 9 months of agony - I still don't get how some women continue on from there...