Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Hooters Story

A few weeks ago, Brad was at Hooters for a fantasy football draft. (Apparently the draft had been at Hooters for the past few years or so, but who knew?!)

Anyway, he managed to work into the conversation with one of the waitresses that his pregnant wife at home sometimes craved chicken wings. She was kind enough to send some home for me. She also sent this little Hooters rubber ducky:

It's actually quite cute. Zander calls it "His friend, Orange-y." I just think it's an interesting marketing piece for Hooters. I mean, what demographic were they considering when they came up with this one? I can imagine the brainstorming:

Guy one: "Hey, how about we sell the tight t-shirts our wait staff wears?"

Guy two: "Or the bright orange shorts -- only we'll mis-label the sizes so they'll always end up being really tight!?"

Guys in unison: "Whoo hoo!"

Guy three: "Wait! I've got it! How about RUBBER DUCKIES?"


Melissa and Peter said...

i bet its so the guys go home and take a bath with their hooters ducky and pretend they're in a hot tub with all the hooters girls. Other than that, I can not think of an explanation. Coming from the world of marketing I can tell you that promo item makes NO sense!!

JCB said...

Good to know it's not just me thinking it was odd!

kristi said...

I'm reeeaallly tired, but I'm thinking this could actually be kind of smart. Your man comes home from Hooters with a rubber ducky. You're not annoyed that he just spent several hours with a dumb chick, two big boobs, and a tight ass, you're happy that he thought of you and the kids at home...and then, rather than complain, you spend most of your time trying to figure out why in the world Hooters would give out little yellow rubber duckies.

JCB said...

Good point K-woman! Hadn't thought of it that way. And now I AM a little mad thinking about the big boobs and tight ass. ;)