Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gender and Baby Boy Clothes

Stumbled across an interesting post on Gender and Baby Boy Clothes over at Rachel's Tavern.

Been thinking a lot about boys clothes and girls clothes lately as I find myself unable to break the seal and purchase anything for the little girl growing inside of me. Part of it is a fear that once I buy something I'll never stop. Everyone says that girl's clothes are more fun and I'm sure I'll discover that. Right now it just seems so overwhelming (and so pink).

I have nothing against putting a girl in clothing with a truck applique or something like that. But, as my mom points out, we didn't go out of our way to put Zander in lace.

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KRISTI said...

I saved a drawer full of what I thought were Gage's "gender neutral" clothes for Zuzu. She didn't wear one of them. Target & Old Navy have awesome, very inexpensive selections for girls and you can shop from your desk.