Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pregnancy Craving #4,321: The Slurpee

I've been in a Slurpee phase for a while now. Yup, a slurpee phase. Must be 7-Eleven and must be Coca-Cola flavored. Below are some things I've discovered during this phase:

  • There are 7-Elevens on almost every corner.
  • Most 7-Elevens have Coke flavored slurpees, but not all are created equal. (Some have too much syrup and not enough of the frozen stuff.)
  • If a red light is blinking above the coke flavor on slurpee machine, turn around, get back in car, and proceed to next 7-Eleven. Maybe call friend or husband to complain.
  • There is only a .10 cent difference between the 28 ounce slurpee and the 40 ounce slurpee. Go figure.
  • Often, parking is challenging at 7-Eleven (mostly due due to the many comings and goings).
  • Many (but not all) 7-Elevens are actually open 24 hours.
  • Many 7-Elevens have a sign on the storefront that says "Live Bait." Do that many people need live bait and actually buy it at a convenience store?

There you have it. More than you ever needed to know about 7-Eleven and slurpees.

P.S. But wait! Who knew there was an official slurpee website with A LOT more than you ever needed to know.


Susan said...

I think the name Seven Eleven come from the fact that they used to be open from 7 AM to 11 PM.

Live bait! How about frozen bait.
Your sister-in-law, Erin, being the dedicated mom she is, dug up worms and froze them for future fishing trip with the boys.

Free said...

Nope. No worms in my freezer. I ditched the unused worms at the pond before we went home from that fishing excursion at Golden Gate State Park west of Golden Colorado. The lures that came with the "ugly stick" fishing rod seemed more tempting to fish anyway. How can you resist neon.

Speaking of neon.... my favorite Icee at the movies is the blue raspberry.