Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Shout Out' #4: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A special thanks to two families (associated with the blogs Mix Tape Therapy and 4M) who gave up big chunks of this past sunny Sunday to help us dry out our flooded basement (mentioned here and here and in many future posts, I'm sure).

As we contact companies for next steps, we've discovered that what these friends helped us do in a day and a half was pretty much what the companies would have done in terms of getting the water out, salvaging furniture, and avoiding mold issues. In addition, it saved us lots of $$$.

And I'm not just talking about token assistance here. I'm talking about dripping sweat, wearing masks, and lifting belts.

So, thanks guys!

P.S. See this link on what the somewhat confusing phrase, "A friend in need, is a friend indeed," actually means.

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Anonymous said...

I love that I'm the beneficiary of the blog traffic when it was David with the flop sweat ;-)