Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why am I so lucky?

Might seem like a strange title after the recent tsuris with the flooded basement, but here's what I come home to yesterday...

I open the door and sitting on the kitchen table is a card and present from my husband. The envelope has this on it:

(I was a little worried that he misspelled "trimester," but he pointed out that he did so because it has been a somewhat "trying" pregnancy so far. He's thoughtful and clever!)

Anyway, here's the card itself:

And here's part of what Brad wrote on the inside of the card:

(The rest was so x-rated that it could not be posted on a family blog. Ha, ha. Just kidding mom, mother-in-law, and Sarah Palin.)

Now, let me just say that he's been working on basement-related salvage activities before and after going to the office every day. In addition, most of the time he caters to my every whim when it comes to dinner (e.g. I must-have-beef-with-broccoli now). Yet somehow, when I come home, *I* get a card and a present?!

Lucky indeed.


kristi said...

did I miss the part where you tell us what the present was?

JCB said...

Nope you didn't miss it. I just forgot to post it. The present was a book on "Baby Must-Haves," similar to the Baby Bargains book we have (but much more up-to-date)!