Monday, September 1, 2008


Zander stumbled across WordGirl on one day and was really excited about it. Apparently, an older child at school watches it and mentions it now and then. So, he played around on the website for a bit. Then, last week when his school was closed, he actually saw an episode while spending the day at his cousins house in Annapolis.

One can certainly argue whether TV is good or bad for children. We've always felt that, in moderation, it's fine for our family. Granted, there was a bit more 'moderation' during the week that school was closed.

Regardless, I must blame / thank WordGirl because in the last 48 hours alone, our four-year-old has used the words exhilarating, pugnacious, and enthusiastic in context and correctly.

Here's a YouTube video of the NewsHour Jim Lehrer interviewing WordGirl:


kristi said...

Gage likes Word Girl too. Did you happen see the new PBS show that debuted tonight? It's about a talking dog named Martha (not positive what it's called but it's something like "Martha Speaks". Very cute and geared towards vocabulary. Big words too! It was on at 7:30 here.

JCB said...

Nope. Didn't see that -- but will check it out. Thanks!