Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend, Part I: Ellis Paul Concert

Another busy weekend here. Not sure anymore if I/we do these things because we like to or because I want something to blog about. I'm kidding. I think.

Our first activity on Saturday morning was a "family concert" at Jammin' Java by a folk-pop artist named Ellis Paul. Some months ago, I stumbled across his CD for children, called "Dragonfly Races" via one of those "if-you-like-so-and-so-you'll-like-so-and-so" links. Quiclky fell in love with the songs (as did Zander). I can't really explain why they move me so much. Could be pregnancy hormones, who knows. Here are some reviews (posted on the Ellis Paul website), which say it better than I ever could.

I was a tad embarrassed at the event, however, when Ellis Paul would announce the next song and Zander would pipe up from our seats, "I know this one" And then the next, "I know this one too!" Seriously, it happened at least five times. I was worried that the audience was getting annoyed. Brad says I need to stop worrying.

You can see a Quicktime video of Ellis Paul singing "Dragonfly Races" from his website.

And here is a photo from the concert:

Next up, a post about Saturday night's activity -- our first excursion to Boo at the Zoo in a torrential downpour (including being told I look like a man by one of my closest friends AND losing one the children we went with -- for maybe a minute or two, but still scary).

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