Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Weekend, Part II: Boo at the Zoo

On Saturday night, we went to Boo at the Zoo (at the National Zoo) for the first time. Basically, zoo officials close the zoo to the general public and then re-open it to those who have tickets. Patrons can then trick-or-treat at different booths as well as see the animals.

Let me just say that it was raining. Hard. And there was a lot of walking and a lot of public restroom usage. And I'm 33.5 weeks pregnant. (Not that I'm counting or anything.) I'll take that medal now. Joking.

Being Called A Man
On line waiting to enter, I was trying to flag down my dear friend Laura. She said, "I'm crossing the street and see the line." I said, "I'm standing on line waving." She then said, "I only see a man waving in a burgundy and grey jacket" (or something to that effect). *I* was that man!

The good news is that the children truly had a blast despite the rain, which eventually stopped. Here's a photo of Zander (SuperWhy) and Champe (monkey) taking a break to enjoy some of the treats.

Losing Champe and the Imposter Monkey
As the night went on, however, it did what nights usually do...it got dark. And for a few minutes, we lost track of Champe. You can read the details on Laura's blog here. My heart didn't start beating in overdrive right away because I thought we had spotted him in the sea of people. I ran up to him from behind, yanked off his monkey hood, and then was really surprised to find that it was NOT Champe (as was the parent of the impostor monkey who said something like, "That one's mine!"). Oops. We found the real Champe a few moments later amid tears and immense relief.

Next up, Sunday morning's activity -- Zander's "sibling tour" and class, held at the hospital where we hope to deliver baby #2.


LCM said...

In my defense I would like to say that Jill's jacket looked a little like this except burgandy and gray. A little Michelan-man like, wouldn't you agree? And the hood was completely up with no hair showing. Not that I feel defensive or anything. :-)

JCB said...

Yes, but how do explain your comment about my facial hair and the thing about my big ass? ;) KIDDING. Are we even now (re: what I let slip a few weeks ago -- or rather, what you let slip)? Stop me before you un-friend me! It's the hormones I tell you.

LCM said...

IF we were even, and that is questionable, we certainly aren't now. You'd better stop before I start posting pictures of you in bathing suits on my blog. :-)

JCB said...

Ouch. I'll shutup now.