Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Weekend, Part III: Sibling Tour and Class

On Sunday, Z and I headed off to take a class and tour of the hospital where his baby sister is set to be born. When we first told him about the class, Zander said he didn't need it and already knew how to be a big brother, but we eventually convinced him to attend.

With detailed directions on where in the hospital the class would take place (e-mailed directly from the childbirth education folks at the hospital), we navigated our way to the room just fine. But we ended up waiting there (along with another parent and child) for the teacher, who did not show.

Quick Aside
On a set of chairs toward the front of the room, there was a line of baby dolls. Zander told the other parent and child in the room that he didn't really like playing with baby dolls very much, but that he did have one at school named Clara. He went on to say that Clara was black so that's why she "sometimes smells like chocolate." Now, let me just say that Clara *is* a scented baby doll, but I still wasn't sure how to respond and felt especially on the spot, considering the other parent and child were also black.

Anyway, Z and I took a quick trip to the bathroom and when we returned, we noticed a tiny sign on the door (that had not been there before) saying, "Sibling Tour starts in lobby." Cue to me, fuming.

We then hustled to the lobby, but had just missed the instructor, who had already taken the rest of the class up to the postpartum area to show them a recovery room and the nursery. We ran to catch up and eventually did so. (One of the other families attending -- pregnant with their 3rd child -- knew that the class started in the lobby because they went through the same thing I did when they attended for their 2nd child. Another just happened to arrive late and stumbled upon the instructor in the lobby.)

Soon after viewing the nursery, we returned to the room we started in and each child was given one of the baby dolls on which to learn to swaddle. Zander didn't want to participate, so he sat back and watched. The instructor then read a book from circa 1952 about what happens when mommy and daddy go to the hospital: "Mommy won't have to cook or clean at all while she is in the hospital!" Good to know since I cook and clean so much at home.

Then the children colored a small booklet for their baby brother or sister, had a snack, and got a certificate of completion for the "Sibling Preparation Program." So, we're all set now. Nothing more to worry about.

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