Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy Weekend, Part IV: The Ghost Train

Are you tired yet? See Busy Weekend posts I, II, and III. I can't believe it's Thursday night and I'm still posting about last weekend!


After the sibling tour and class, Zander and I headed off to meet some friends for lunch and then to the Ghost Train, an annual event at Burke Lake Park. (Brad was at a Baltimore Ravens game with his stepfather.) We've done the Ghost Train at least once, possibly twice before, so we thought we knew what to expect. But, I did not expect the two-hour wait to ride!

The children were able to play on a playground, ride on a carousel, and jump around in a moon bounce while another parent and I traded off holding our place in line. So, the time went pretty quickly. The ride itself was fine, although Zander said it was "too scary" more than once and kept asking that I hold him tight. So far, only one nightmare has been attributed to it.

Here's a photo from the ride of the inside of a tunnel:

And now I'm going to bed.

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