Monday, October 13, 2008

Keeping Up

We accompanied some friends to our first Renaissance Festival on Saturday. It was pretty darn cool. However, soon after Brad did this...

...I felt compelled to keep up and did this:

Little did I know that it would require me to walk around the festival (attended by thousands of people) for over an hour belly exposed to allow the henna tattoo to dry. I seriously haven't gotten that much attention in years.

P.S. Must give credit where credit it due -- to Kirsten and Maritta -- two younger, much more hip women who had gotten henna tattoos before I did. They stayed with me, cheered me on, and documented the occasion for the blog.


KRISTI said...

That's amazing. Great archive for baby!

wrekehavoc said...

COOL! wish i had thought of that. it would have made looking at my HUGE belly a lot more entertaining. somewhere, i saw a contest where people decorated their preggo bellies with all sorts of scenes -- it was part cool, part creepy.