Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last night I had the strangest dream

There was no rowboat to china or anything (a reference to this song for those who don't get it), but here's the quick version:

We went to the hospital to have this baby and then left that same day. I was kind of surprised when Brad said we were leaving because I hadn't even had time to nurse the baby yet. Odd. And the baby was really big. And I don't mean just large-sized. She was like 18 months old already -- wasn't even in an infant car seat anymore! And then part of the way home we realized that we left Zander at the hospital. So, we went back and I started screaming for him. But, the hospital appeared to be the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and I couldn't find Zander anywhere. Eventually I found him, but he looked a little different because he had gotten a haircut. And then I woke up and was mad at Brad for some reason. Go figure.


mixtapetherapy said...

So, do you want the overanxious psychotherapist's take on it?

Combo of typical pre-birth anxiety dream coupled with your fear of emotionally leaving Zander behind when the new baby comes.

The Lincoln Memorial part was your extra unique touch. Good locale ;-)

JCB said...

Okay, so where do I send the check? ;)

mixtapetherapy said...

No check...pay me in sushi ;-)

BCK said...

Psychobabble!!! There are timing fears, nursing concerns, baby health and child neglect issues. Clearly these all point to a pent up sense of guilt for taking so much out on your husband.