Thursday, November 13, 2008

Odd Product: The Popper Stopper

So, I'm on lots of e-mail lists for pregnancy-related info and somehow stumbled across the must-have popper stopper. (I'm kidding about the "must have" part.) Apparently, all this does is cover your belly button so it isn't popping out.

In searching for a direct link to the popper stopper though, I found it available from what I thought was a belly dancing website. Not just any belly dancing website though -- a belly dancing maternity website! Turns out it is just a hip/fashionable maternity store:

Related, after I posted this photo, my cousin Lisa asked, "Does your belly button really stick out like that??!!" And that was a month or so ago -- you should see it now.

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Blood Centers of the Pacific said...

OMG, when I first read this, I read it as "pooper stopper!" Thought I was in for a post about diarrhea.

And for the record, I don't think I said quite what you attributed to me - I'm sure it was much more of a, "wow! your belly button is awesome!"