Monday, November 10, 2008

"Soiled Linen" and Other Hospital Signs

A few weeks ago Brad and I took a "refresher" course on labor and delivery meant for those who have already been through the labor and birth process. It was held at the hospital at which we plan on delivering baby #2.

I say "plan on" because although we intended to deliver Zander -- then known as Kuebstein, a hybrid of our last names because we did not know the gender before birth -- at GW Hospital, we ended up at a different one. See, my OB (a single practitioner with back-up physicians on call) just happened to be doing surgery at a different hospital the day my water broke and we ended doing a mapquest to get there.

Anyway, I was amused by the "refresher" class, but even more so by the hospital setting and found some signs of particular interest (below). I must apologize for the quality of the photos though -- not only did I not expect to need a camera at the class, but I thought I should be somewhat discreet in taking photos of random signs around the hospital.


#1) Who is the intended audience for this sign? I can see the doctors now, "Oh, so glad that sign reminded me to wash my hands before I delivered this baby!"

#2) Self-explanatory sign all over the hospital.

#3) My personal favorite. This one was in the post partum room. It reads, "Friends and Family. Please DO NOT push the button attached to the pain pump. For safety, ONLY the patient is allowed to push the button."

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Elizabeth said...

Hey! Thanks for your nice comment and for lurking. I love your blog. I'm sitting here laughing out loud while Teddy swings dangerously rapidly in his swing. I can't wait to read more!

I hope the rest of your pregnancy and delivery go smoothly!