Friday, November 7, 2008

The Tootsie Roll

Often after Zander's bath, but before books and bedtime, we do a little dancing. It sounds odd, I realize, but these unique family rituals seem to just materialize and who are we to get in their way?

This is a short clip of Zander doing the "Tootsie Roll." I was hesitant to post it because it looks like we live in total squalor in the background. Let me just say, in our defense, that at the time this video was shot, we were in the process of going through bins of maternity clothing to see if we could find anything to fit over my ginormous belly.


P.S. Who knew that "ginormous" was in the dictionary?!


Melissa and Peter said...

I love this! I've watched it several times. Zander has the moves!

KRISTI said...

We often spend the time between bath and bed dancing as well but in our house it is called "naked dance" and therefore rarely makes it to the blog.

JCB said...

Funny -- we often have naked time after bath too (but it's just Zander, I swear).

JCB said...

Glad you like it MelHuf. Keep watching -- at this rate you might earn an honorary "auntie" title. ;)

Melissa and Peter said...

just to add to my points in the auntie race - i love this so much I just played it twice for my friends at work.