Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waving "Hello?"

I can't believe I am posting this.

This is a video of my ginormous belly in three parts. (Not my belly in three parts, silly -- the video is in three parts.) The first is in regular speed. The second is slowed down to half speed and the third is sped up to double. Humor me and ignore (or tell me you ignored) everything but the shadow on the right side. Is it a foot? An elbow? A hand, waving "hello?"

Almost every woman who has been this far along in a pregnancy has gotten to the point where she can see her little one moving and this video is likely not a big deal. For others, it might freak you out a bit. Mostly, Brad and I want to record this magical (and excruciatingly slow) period of waiting. I love that this little baby is safe inside me, but I am so, so ready to meet her and have her safely outside.

Wise friends, books, and even a professional here and there told me *not* to tell people the real "due date." They suggested instead that I say two weeks after the due date so friends and family wouldn't be continually asking me, "You still here? That baby's NOT cooked yet?" etc. etc. Yet, silly me blabs the real date and then goes and posts a countdown on our blog. What was I thinking? Time has slowed down. Hours seem to take days and days seem to drag on for weeks.

But I digress. Here's the video:


wrekehavoc said...

whee! that's some belly you got there. stay well and strong :-)

JCB said...

Thanks wreke. I'm trying -- in between complaining!

Kelly O said...

Oh my sweet lord.... That makes me cringe in sympathy, but also excited for you!

KRISTI said...

That's awesome.
I certainly remember it but I didn't take any videos.