Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adjusting to two children

I feel like I need to clarify the "Dear Zander" post -- for the record. That was the first -- maybe the second -- time he even hinted verbally at not wanting the baby here. And I was proud of him for doing so too because there is so much pressure on him to be a perfect big brother. But, truth be told, it's me who is having a harder time adjusting to two children in this house -- not Z.

See, I miss him desperately. I'm used to spending significant amounts of time with him each day, especially on the weekends and I just haven't been able to do that while nursing a newborn and being up all hours of the night. Whereas we used to do things as a family, we are now under pediatrician's advisement to avoid crowds and public places for four to six weeks if newborn is in tow, so I'm at home for the most part and Brad is taking Zander to holiday gatherings, concerts, and play dates.

The majority of the time, Zander says and does the sweetest things in relation to Cassandra, including:

  • when he first gets home he sometimes runs around trying to find wherever she is sleeping;

  • he sings her songs;

  • he picked out, gave her, and brings her a Taggies blanket (although she is too young to sleep with it yet);

  • he sometimes affectionately calls her "Cashew;"

  • he likes to softly pet her head and cheek;

  • when I said I was going to put her in the Moby Wrap, he said, "No!" I asked, "Why not?" and he said, "because then only you get her."

Like I said, just thought I'd clarify how it is -- at least as of this moment in time. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...


Free said...

This is what I love about your mommylog.... I wish I had crafted the habit of journalling when Ben was Cassies age. I love how you can share the really hard days as well as recalling the precious good moments within them. I think you are a stronger, more resilient mom than you think you are. Those kids are very lucky. Hugs, E

mixtapetherapy said...

I know exactly where you're at these days...

It's a huge in which no one talks about too much.

We're out of town until Friday,but I'll call you when we get back.

Just know I am here for you...and that it gets better. Really.

JCB said...

Thanks guys. I'm hearing you, even if it's taking a while to sink it.