Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inter-species mingling

I've been super-busy at work as of late (working on launching a redesigned website if you must know). In my absence, I offer you some cute photos of inter-species snorgling.

As some readers (hi all five of you!) know, I'm partial to anything dachshund, per our beloved wiener dog Samson who died a few years ago. In addition, I've a penchant for things infant or baby related right now because of a certain one-year old. So, I deemed the photos below worthy of posting. They came via e-mail along with a sob story about how the mother pig couldn't care for the piglet for some unknown reason, so the mother dachshund took in the newborn. (I usually run to snopes to check out the validity of these things -- perennial skeptic that I am -- but I have not checked this one out.)


Anita said...

Aww, how adorable!! And I bet you never guessed that I'm one of your five readers (or maybe you have six!). BTW, the revamped NASI website looks great!

JCB said...

Hi Anita. I had no idea that you were one of my five (now six!) readers. Hooray! Hope things in your inter-species household are good.