Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Ridiculous...

Alternative titles for this post:

  • "The Magic of Mother's Milk"
  • "My mom is going to regret giving out the blog address to friends and family."
  • "High on the TMI Scale"
  • "Brad's not complaining."
  • "This is what happens when you gain 30 40 more than 50 pounds during pregnancy."
  • "They'll be at my knees when I'm done."


Susan said...

Don't worry about your Mom. I have no idea what the picture is. Tried viewing with glasses but to no avail. Probably all my friends are in the same situation. (Will check again after cataract surgery.)

KRISTI said...

Oh, I can tell what it is. And I don't even own one. Yup, two kids & what little I was dealt...gone.