Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ordering a burger won't be the same for a long time

I had a whole post composed -- it was the last in the "random moments from labor and birth" series, but I've somehow lost it. Part of me thinks that it is for the best, as it was probably the strangest to date, but that is still not stopping me from re-creating it.

* * * * *

Here's the scene: The baby had been born and the OB was in a rush to get the placenta birthed too. He was pushing on my abdomen, rather roughly, in an effort to speed up the process. After a few minutes, he says loudly, "AAAAAAAND WE HAVE A PLACENTA BURGER!"

Look. The dcotor said it, not me. I just added a photo for effect.


Levi Wallach said...

When Jess was pregnant, we saw or heard something about how this one woman's family made placenta fajitas. I can't remember where we heard/saw this so it might have been some documentary and maybe the woman was from the Southwest. I guess for your OB, placenta burgers are more traditional, huh? ;-)

JCB said...

Interesting! This particular OB keeps kosher, so they likely weren't placenta cheeseburgers. ;)

Levi Wallach said...

Um, but is it kosher to eat placenta at all? I don't know the laws of kosher extremely well, but I'm guessing they have a restriction on eating human parts, eh?

JCB said...

Good point Levi. Unless, of course, you are a hasidic Hannibal Lechter (sp?). Okay that doesn't make sense.