Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm wondering -- why do you have to go into the bowels of Costco to find the toilet paper. ;)

* * * * * *

Let's just imagine that a certain someone ventured to Costco earlier in the week and was all proud of herself for getting out on such an adventure with her baby. She scored a great parking space and proceeded to get everything on her list and only one or two or things more (which is impressive considering what she usually comes home with).

Then, she paid for everything AND remembered to use the coupons (which is also impressive considering she often BRINGS them but usually forgets to use them). She proceeds to the parking lot, gets to her car, and notices people immediately lining up for her parking spot. I'm She's not going to rush though -- after all -- she has a newborn in tow and lots to load up.

After getting the baby all set and starting to load the goods, she hears people beeping. And then beeping some more -- this time frantically. Sigh. Silly people fighting over parking spots. But, she looks up from loading the car and WHERE IS HER CART? Why, it's careening past said cars -- one, two, three of them -- ever so quickly! She runs toward the cart about 20 feet, catching it as it smacks into the corral of other carts instead of the waiting cars who had been beeping. Whew.

Lucky break. She's not going to tell anyone about this, especially not her husband, who will never let her live it down.


Levi Wallach said...

Good thing he doesn't read this blog! ;-)

That is definitely one of the things that annoys me to no end, not just at costco but all places that have carts. Couldn't they by now have come up with some simple BREAK so that your car doesn't go speeding away if the ground isn't completely level? Sheesh!

Susan said...

The father of the person in your story recently did such s poor job of parking a shopping cart that a gust of wind took it barreling towards some cars. The quick thinking and geriatric running of the mother of the person in your story saved the day.