Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's the thought that counts

Zander continues to be sweet and loving to Cassandra. Any fall-out from adding a sibling to his world is directed more toward us -- or rather in the form of easily 'melting down' at the end of the day or waking up at night (again and again).

Here he is sharing his beloved "guys" with her. Granted, he's a bit overzealous sometimes (evidenced by the fact that you can barely make the baby out in the first photo. But that's okay -- it's the thought that counts.)

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wrekehavoc said...

awww. give it time. i found that BC adored hellboy until hellboy began crawling and getting into HER STUFF. then, all hades broke loose ;-)

so enjoy these sweet days while they last. ;-) (fret not. they come back, just in moments instead of longer periods of time.:-)