Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Z's memory has always amazed us, but you hear this kind of thing from parents all the time. Who knows why children recall the things they do, but an incident worth noting occurred last week.

First, some background. At Zander's first daycare (which we moved him from as soon as he turned two) he was somehow able to know and indicate to us which parent belonged to which child in his 'class.' Fine, no big deal. We thought it was interesting though when he could indicate which car that parent drove. Seriously.

And here's the recent one from last week at preschool. A piece of tape ripped. Zander noted in passing that the tape looked like the state of Oklahoma. His teacher did some research and sure enough -- Oklahoma!

Now if he could only remember to sit still at the dinner table for more than three minutes or to put the seat down on the toilet or to use his 'big boy' voice...


dvdmon said...

Heheh, isn't it interesting how selective this stuff is? Zia had been to my office a couple of times and then we started passing it en route to Lake Ann last summer and she would recognize it (it's a pretty non-descript office-park looking thing in Reston) every time we passed it.

More recently, actually last night, I was reading her a Barenstein Bears book. On the back there's a list of about 20 of them with their covers. We've borrowed a few from the library, but really just a few. But she started rattling off titles to me. I asked if she had read them and she said no, but that she had been looking at these with her grandfather the other day and he had read the titles to her! Pretty amazing.

On the other hand, she still forgets half the time to ask us for something and simply orders us to do it, even though we prompt her almost each time she does this with "can you ASK me to do X?" LOL

Susan said...

Zander's teacher had to check if that distinct shape was Oklahoma?
Maybe Zander should be the teacher.

Proud grandma that I am, I having been telling everyone within earshot the Oklahoma story.

Another Zander memory story: When he was about two you visited us in Florida. He slept in a rental crib. About 6 months later you visited again. Rental crib again but this time it was placed in the room with the side that goes down reversed. Zander said "you switched it." What a memory and what a use of a word at that age.

JCB said...

Um Susan -- I couldn't have picked out Oklahoma from that piece of tape. So, what does that say about me?!

Anyway -- just so random what children recall. Like remember how you used to tell me I was ugly all the time? KIDDING!

kristi said...

scary shit.