Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wrong Start and a Kvetch (or Rant)

The Wrong Start.

Back in November, we got a gift card for a store called "The Right Start." I am a big fan of gift cards, but I like to use them immediately because if you lose them or who knows -- the economy tanks or something -- well then, they're gone. Sure enough...we held on to this one because we thought we'd need something post-birth. Now the company has filed Chapter 11. Of course, I did not know this and schlepped out to the closest store with the baby the day after that particular location closed for good. Bummer for me. Then I went to use the gift card online but everything was listed as "out of stock." Next, I called the one local store that remains open and they said they are not accepting gift cards anymore and we're SOL. Aargh. So annoying. (Now the online site is working again, but you still can't use gift cards).


A Kvetch / Rant.
I sent a check to the DC government following some specific online instructions for two copies of Cassandra's birth certificate. I got a letter back saying that after January 1, 2009 their rules had changed and that I needed to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with my request. Hello, didn't you just mail me a letter to tell me that? And why didn't you update your website to reflect that?

But wait! It gets BETTER! I did as instructed and sent them a self-addressed stamped enveloped. We got the birth certificates in the mail a few days ago. First, it took me a minute to realize why I was getting a letter addressed to me in my own handwriting -- started to think I was *really* losing it. Anyway, MY MAIDEN NAME WAS MISSPELLED. Oddly, my maiden name is the same as my current name and the certificate had that correctly written in the appropriate slot. Sigh. I sent it back again, with another self-addressed stamped envelope, and anxiously await the next installment of frustration.

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Susan said...

That sound like your sister Janet's rant and kvetch when she had to deal with the DC bureaucracy about her local taxes. It's frustrating but you have to laugh at the absurdity of it.