Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cassandra and Didily

From left to right: Cassandra (real baby) and Didily (baby doll named by Zander). For the record, Z put Didily's hand into Cassandra's hand. I thought it was 'blogworthy,' so I ran to get the camera.

"Didily" is actually a relief for us, because the entire time I was pregnant Z wanted to name the real baby "Didily." Grandma Susan and Grandpa Mickey bought Didily for Zander before Cassandra was born in an effort to help him acclimate to the new baby. Mostly, Didily and her excessivly pink accoutrements are in various rooms in the house collecting dust, but every now and then Z digs her out and changes her diaper or something.

P.S. I'm starting to realize that even when I post photos of Cassandra, it's really all about Zander, isn't it?


Susan said...

Without any reference points Cassandra looks like a giant baby. A big beautiful giant baby.

JCB said...

That's what I should have called the post: "Big beautiful giant baby!"