Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Rainy Weekend...

...and we survived it despite (because of?) the 4.5 year old boy energy. Let's see -- we did puzzles, crafts, built marble towers, played card games, watched a number of Backyardigans episodes, made funky sandwiches, and went on a hike at nearby Great Falls Park, Virginia. (The latter was Brad's final attempt on Sunday afternoon to burn off some of Z's overflowing energy.) Did I mention his energy? Did I? Did I?


Puzzle of the Paris Metro (done by Brad):

Monsters made with Bloco pieces:

The Zander-made sandwich (peanut butter, jelly, banana slices, and raspberries):

Marble tower (quite uncharacteristically done by me):

The Great Falls hike:

And somewhere in there we took care of a baby too.

1 comment:

kristi said...

looks like fun.
except that sandwich.
that looks pretty gross.