Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sayonara Maternity Leave

I'm back to the old grind....Sayonara maternity leave. (Although I have been working part days here and there for the last few weeks to ease the transition, this week is my first official week back full-time.) Well, not actually full-time -- 80% time. Thanks a lot economy.

On one hand, it is good to be back to some type of routine -- to be able to get tangible things done and feel good about doing them. On the other hand, I miss my baby. I miss her sweet smell and soft skin, her little bald head and her toothless grin. And she already has her first cold. Thanks a lot daycare.

Truth be told, Cassandra seems to be in good hands at the daycare, which is onsite at Brad's office. The center comes highly recommended among his colleagues and other parents in the area. However, although this particular center is more comfortable with breastmilk than Zander's first 'school' ever was, it is obvious to me that even the best daycares don't seem to really 'get' the breastfeeding thing. They're just more comfortable with formula. The verdict is still out though.

Apologies for the cliche-filled post. Thanks a lot momnesia.

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