Monday, March 23, 2009


Brad taught Zander to play the card game Solitaire recently, except Zander plays it on my iphone, the computer, and with cards.

I didn't believe that Z really understood the game until I saw it for myself. Truth is -- not only does he understand it, but he has an eery ability to recall the cards in his "dig" pile. That is, after going through the pile once, he remembers which cards were there. And he plays different variations of the game -- klondike, baker's game, and spider solitaire.

Interestingly, he calls it solitaire-y. No matter how many times we refer to the game as "solitAIRE" he still refers back to it as solitaire-Y"

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Susan said...

Have you thought of this:
According to Webster:
solitaire - any of many games, esp. card games, played by one person.

solitary - without others; single, only.