Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd Child Syndrome

When Zander was first in daycare and his caregivers would provide a sheet with information on his day (what he ate or drank, how he slept, etc.), I would pore over the details and then save the sheet for posterity. I think I even still have a few of them. (Of course, on a surprise "drop by" in the morning one day we found the sheet already filled out -- for the afternoon, but that's a whole other rant about things long ago).

Anyway, I quickly glance at at these sheets from Cassandra's center, mostly to see when she last ate and if she slept at all. Then I throw it away. Brad comes home and asks to see the sheet sometimes, but it's too late.

Did I mention that last week she started rolling over from her back to her belly? And yesterday, according to her primary caregiver at the center, she rolled from her belly to her back. These were MOMENTOUS when Zander did them. Had I been blogging, the post would have been in all caps. Alas, I can't muster that level of excitement. It's not that I'm not desperately in love with this child -- I am. It's just different. Everyone said it would be, but I'm still surprised at just how different.

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