Friday, April 10, 2009

Again with the hail mask?

(said with added drama and a hand to the cheek)

My mom makes the Passover Seder fun for children (even when there is only one child over 4 months old) by including all sorts of props for the ten plagues. When I was growing up, it was the Manischewitz wine that made the seder fun. But I digress.

One of these props is (are?) masks for each plague. Zander remembered the plague masks from last year's Seder and made a big deal about being sure he got the "hail" mask again and then distributing the remaining plagues to the other participants. He lovingly picked out "lice" for Cassandra. Ironic because she is mostly bald. (Can you be 'mostly' bald?)

And here's a photo of one of the desserts my mom made:

How's that for a non sequitur?

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