Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nursing in a Kohl's dressing room is just fine

What used to be just another busy weekend is now a frantic one. Probably not compared to some standards, but I still don't seem to have my parenting-two-children-act together yet. Getting closer though.

Grandma Susan came into town on Friday to help take care of Zander during part of his Spring Break and to prepare a Passover feast. Grandpa Mickey joined this evening. On Saturday, Aunt Janet had an odd (and extreme) attack of vertigo which sent her to the emergency room by ambulance. Seriously. She seems okay now, but it was scary.

Some subset of us went to another Ellis Paul concert, a pre-season baseball game (Washington Nationals vs. Baltimore Orioles), helped do some work at an lovely expansion site of Zander's preschool, and tried to stimulate the economy with a Kohl's 30% off coupon. (In case you were wondering, nursing a baby in a Kohl's dressing room is just fine. Changing the poopy diaper might not have been so fine, but what can ya' do?) Below are photos from the concert and the baseball game, but not of the poopy diaper.

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