Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't know how this happenned...

...but Zander (not quite 5 years old) is obsessed with a virtual environment called ZulaWorld, based on the PBS show The Zula Patrol. He wants to be on the computer playing in ZulaWorld all the time. In ZulaWorld, children can create an alien avatar, make alien friends, earn alien money (Zlinkles), buy things with Zlinkles, take care of alien pets (Fweebs), decorate a spaceship, and much more. The kid checks his aliend 'friend' list daily. I'm totally serious. It's both fascinating and upsetting at the same time.

You can do most of the above for free, but Zander has picked up that with a "VIP" membership, a user can do even more and he says THAT is all he wants for his birthday -- a membership to an online world. How did we get here?!

For the record, both the TV show and the website pack in a fair amount of math, science, and astronomy. The show has beeen called "the Sesame Street of outer space" and is highly acclaimed by organizations such as Common Sense Media and Smart Television Alliance. It's not like we're letting him login to Facebook, right? Sigh, maybe I'm just trying to asuage my guilt.


Melissa and Peter said...

I think it shows how smart he is and this is the way of the future! Zander is so hip! I agree, they need to use their brains for this and its not like he's going to be tweeting all of a sudden.

JCB said...

As a matter of fact, I was showing him around twitter just the other day. Seriously. He didn't quite get it though. Asked me what I was "ranked." Seems he's also really into winning.