Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm not irritable. I said I'm NOT IRRITABLE!

We've been busy at our house not sleeping. I'm somewhat joking of course because not sleeping would make us irritable. And I'm not irritable at all, right? Right? RIGHT? Cassandra has realized that it is oh-so-much better to be snugly nestled next to me than in her big crib -- not a new problem and we're certainly not the first parents to face this issue. Knock on wood, but Z has been sleeping through all of it, so that's good. (But I guarantee now that I've posted it, tonight he will wake up.)

In other big news, we went bowling (full-size not duckpin) over the weekend for a friend's going away party. Sure, maybe not the smartest thing -- sticking your fingers in the dirty holes of bowling balls -- while the swine flu is spreading, but the kids seemed to love it. One of Z's favorite parts (as well as his friend Champe's), was the magic of the balls re-appearing...

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