Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimming Lessons

So I found this old photo as proof of how I was taught to swim...I was thrown in the pool (almost three years old at the time). On the back of the photo in my mom's handwriting it says, "Jill and Mrs. Branfram, 8/73, Swimming Lessons."

And I turned out to be a perfectly fine swimmer. Sure, I've been in therapy for years trying to figure out my fear of women named "Mrs. Branfram," but that's another story. (I'm kidding of course, my years of therapy have nothing to do with Mrs. "Branfram.")

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Susan said...

I know it was traumatic. You hated swimming for a while after those lessons, but considering that we had a pool and lived on a canal, learning how to swim was essential. You were thrown in the pool to retrieve a lollipop. It was most unpleasant when a poor traumatized child would throw up in pool.