Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Big Spaceship Project

Zander is building a spaceship. I don't know much about it other than that he has to collect every random piece of cr*p he finds for it. Sticks, cardboard, straws, rocks, more sticks, ribbon -- you name it -- it's all part of the big spaceship project taking up space in our garage. You can't miss it -- it's next to the big tool project Brad has been working on for the last, oh 45 years or so. You know, the one where he needs to own one two of every tool ever made just in case we need them? But, that's okay, both of those pale when compared to my
"take-up-four-closets-with-clothing-that-used-to-fit-and/or-might-fit-at-some-point-in-the-future" project.

P.S. Today was Cassandra's 6-month birthday. She is a remarkable baby who seems to subsist on less daytime sleep than any baby before her. She sits and she laughs and she smiles and she grabs. Most of all, she is enamored of her big brother who can almost always make her smile. His current song for her goes like this: "Cassandra is the best baby. Cassandra is the best baby" and over and over again ad infinitum. I wonder if he plans on taking her with him in his spaceship?


dvdmon said...

Hey, at least it's in your garage! Zia starts constructing her projects (forts or pirate ships or whatever the heck they are, I can't remember it seems to change daily) on our front porch in front of the door, or in the living room or hallway exactly where it's going to be a big obstruction for anyone who needs to get somewhere! Really all of us should construct a large studio building attached to our house - preferrably to match the size of the house - for our kids to use to construct stuff.

JCB said...

So, I'm wondering if it's a Discovery Woods thing or if it's all children? I certainly don't recall believing that I could contruct anything like a spaceship or a pirate ship. I love that they do this -- just wish we had the studio you mention. ;)

dvdmon said...

Yes, I just have visions of all these DWLC alums when they've grown up becoming artists and having huge studios where they construct monstrous sculptures of one kind or another!