Monday, June 1, 2009

The times...they are a changin'

We had a 5th birthday party for Zander this weekend. His actual birthday isn't for a few days, although this distinction is surprisingly hard for him to grasp. (For years he has been able to tell people the exact date of his birthday, but all of a sudden he thinks it has changed to the day his party was held.)

Anyway, for the first time, the boy party goers stuck somewhat close together, traveling in a pack, wielding blow-up aliens and whacking other party guests with said aliens. The girls also stuck together, either coloring, running from the boys, or doing something else less bouncing-off-the-walls-like. Truthfully, it's a bit sad to me that children go through these phases. I realize it is totally normal, blah blah.

And although Zander still loves his trains, they seem to be taking a back seat to aliens (see this post) and to these...

He calls them "fierce warriors" and is collecting the different medieval figurines. He plays with them for hours. They fight. I think they might even die. Gasp! I know this type of play is important for boys. I've watched Raising Cain. Doesn't mean he's not my sweet boy, right? It's just a new phase.

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