Monday, July 20, 2009

Dividing and Conquering

We do a lot of what we call 'dividing and conquering' to get things done and still be able to do fun things with the chillun'. In fact, at one point this weekend when I pulled up with both children sans Brad, a good friend said, "Do you and Brad ever take the same car someplace?" (or something to that affect.) Yeah, I know our carbon footprint isn't so great and we feel bad about that. And I also know that the family of the person who asked me that gets even more done and goes almost everywhere together.

This weekend's 'dividing and conquering' included:

Bet you can guess which of us divided and conquered on "c". It says enjoying a night of camping. That should be a hint.

Here's a certain male someone old enough to drive participating in item "f":

And here's a different male someone getting another turn in a race car his own size (with his friend Macy, who prefers to be driven around):

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