Thursday, July 9, 2009

My life in a post-it note

This is -- in addition to being a bad photo and poor handwriting -- my life!

Every night I end up hurriedly scrawling a few things on a post it note, slapping it on the door to the garage, and hoping it doesn't fall off during the night. Because if it did fall off -- well I'm sure to forget something.

It's a combination of more details to remember, less room in my brain, and some kind of of bio-chemical change since I had that second baby. I just can't remember things like I used to and it drives me nuts.

This particular night I need to remember:

  • snack (for Zander's school), which each family brings about twice a month;
  • lunch, which I bring to work daily (and am saving boatloads of money by doing so). Aside: why didn't anyone tell me about this trick before?
  • my briefcase (self-explanatory); and
  • the all-important pumping stuff, without which I would be very, very uncomfortable and Cassandra would have nothing to drink.

Doesn't seem like so much now that I write it out. I know, I know. Spend less time blogging. But then, what would I complain about?

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