Monday, July 13, 2009


Would you believe there’s still more from our trip Colorado. (See other posts here, here, and here.)

One of my college roommates lives in Boulder, Colorado. Let's call her Lisa, since that is her name. (Yes, same as my cousin in case you were keeping track.) Anyway, I usually get to overlap with her for a few hours when I am out there. Lisa and her current roommate were also able to attend the baby naming. Later on in the week, she came over for dinner and we reminisced over a bottle of wine. It was almost as if we were still in college. Only difference, for me at least, it's 20 years later and I’ve squeezed two human beings out of my you-know-what.

Here’s a photo of all three roommates from 1991 (at a sorority event of all things):

Man, how I miss these women and our lazy days. (Of course, I didn't think they were lazy days back then.)


Melissa and Peter said...

I'm laughing at our photo. I remember that gold sweater! The 3 of us have to get together. It's been too many years since an official meeting of Bender, Braunstein and Hufjay!

lisabloch said...

Wow, there sure was a lot of inbreeding in that shtetl!

Sandra Dee said...

Great pic! What a blast from the past..... I remember Sister Meetings that BBH were in attendance!

- Sandy Davis Arnell

JCB said...

Hi Sandy! So glad you're out there and reading. Well, I know you've always been reading -- I mean reading this blog. Hope you are well!