Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Shape of Breakfast

You always hear the story about a friend's cousin or neighbor's sister who had a son who was rarely if ever exposed to guns but nonetheless he one day bites a piece of toast into the shape of a gun and starts to shoot things. (The story supposedly proving that boys have an innate interest in -- and love for -- guns.) Well, Zander has bit the toast.

Last week we brought home a stack of Zander's artwork from preschool. He and I went through it together and he explained each piece. Then, we came across this one:

It was the most realistic-looking thing in the pile. I was curious as to how he even knew what a gun looked like. He went and got a 2-inch plastic pirate figurine that he recently got in exchange for some tickets at a game room. Alrighty then.

Here I come with my new favorite saying -- "it is what it is." We now need to decide what we're comfortable with as a family (e.g. do we allow play guns in the house? Can you pretend to shoot bad guys? etc.) and move on from there. I'm sure, like most parenting things, I'm over-thinking this one.

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EkB said...

We didn't forbid play guns at our house. We have a few of the Nerf variety (birthday gifts I think). When they would show me a drawing like Zander did I would say "I don't like guns, they make me sad" and try to move on. It certainly gets harder as they get older, they seem fascinated with weapons. Given the chance they make them our of cardboard tubes. This morning Ben showed me his collection of "plubonium" bombs out of Legos. "These are more powerful than plutonium, Mommy." I guess I should sleep softly and worry about the pipe variety in 6 or 7 years. :(