Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sobriety (or "My Own Designated Driver")

We have it. Well, Brad has it -- 26 years of it -- as of Saturday to be exact.

As most people who know us are aware, Brad doesn't drink. (Actually he *does* drink gallons of seltzer water, but you know what I mean.) And he hasn't drank in 26 years. I can almost hear you trying to do the math in your head: "How old is he now and how old was he when he stopped?"

Regardless, this was the first year that we explained the importance of the date to Zander. He recalled how daddy drank grape juice at Passover, just like he did, but almost everyone else drank wine. We decided to commemorate the occasion by making Brad a card. Originally, Zander suggested it should say "Happy Wine Day," but we eventually decided on this:

Finally (and least importantly), for about 12 of those 26 years, I have been lucky enough to have my own personal designated driver. You rock Brad. We are so proud of you.


lisabloch said...

You didn't mention the whole meeting-Brad-when-he-was-a-bartender-and-you-were-a-lush thing. Now THAT'S serendipity! Kidding about the lush part, of course. I only remember you blacking out once or twice. ;-)

Congratulations Brad!!!

BCK said...

Lisa - maybe you only remember a couple of Jill's blackouts because I was your bartender as well!?!?!

Thx for the "congrats"

lisabloch said...

Touche Brad, touche.