Friday, August 14, 2009

Prepare for cuteness, but turn DOWN your volume

Let me just say that this is a very cute video of Cassandra learning to crawl, taken yesterday. (I'm not partial or anything) She is *almost* there. (This clip actually makes it look like she is already crawling, but it's misleading.)

Let me also say that if I could edit out the sound of my voice I most certainly would. But, our movie maker software is having some issues and keeps freezing up. So, you're stuck with me annoyingly (and uncontrollably) urging her on. Sorry about that. Like I said, consider turning your volume down.

P.S. The video from the Styrofoam post is now working. No magic on my part -- just blogger being finicky.


Andy said...

You gotta get that kid out of the dress and put her in some pants or something - makes crawling a lot easier.

Very impressive though - she'll be wrecking the house in no time.

LCM said...

How can she be crawling already?

Melissa and Peter said...

I love this video. And I love the sound of your voice! You encouraged me to be able to get thru the rest of my day! xoxoxo

JCB said...

Thanks Mel Huf! Miss you.