Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday 'Fail'

I spend a lot of time here telling cute stories about cute children. Well, today was just a bad day. Zander whined his way through the entire day, but somehow managed to get two different types of ice cream nonetheless and is at the main computer now clicking away. (Can you say over-indulged?) Cassandra was up at 5:00am screaming and did not go back to sleep until her morning nap, which was cut short. She then fell asleep in the car later and did not take an afternoon nap. Brad and I fought ferociously about one thing or another throughout the day. Maybe this is "airing our dirty laundry." Maybe it's being honest. Who knows. But, I'm actually looking forward to Monday!

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lisabloch said...

Sorry to hear you had a sucky day. Sundays suck enough as it is. Love ya.