Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking Blood

I feel like I should post happy things -- a lot of them -- to move Sunday's post down. Alas, this is not necessarily a happy thing, but it does satisfy the latter goal....


Zander woke up with a strange rash on his arms yesterday and a low-grade fever, so we decided to take him to the doctor. He had been feeling a little "grumpy" (his term) lately, so we figured better safe than sorry. It ended up being an odd and long day because the doctor wanted us to get some blood taken.

I very quickly I learned to not to call the procedure "taking" blood, but rather a blood "draw." The word "taking" really rubbed Zander the wrong way. He was oh-so-concerned about how *much* blood they would "take" and "WHEN would they be giving it back?!" Good questions, in my opinion! Overall, he was surprisingly patient and brave including when the technician who took the blood didn't say ONE WORD to him. What kind of person doesn't talk to a child at all before taking drawing his or her blood?

Anyway, my favorite (and also least favorite) moment was after they put the needle in, Zander screamed, "WHY IS HE BREAKING MY SKIN?" Even the curmudgeon technician taking drawing his blood smiled.

P.S. And Mom, if you're out there and reading this, don't worry -- it's probably nothing to worry about.


lisabloch said...

Aww...poor lil' guy, hope he's okay. But look at this way, now he's more likely to be a blood donor!

EkB said...

The day before we were coming home from Maine I took Nathan to a pediatrician for what appeared to be a deer tick bite. The Dr. thought it was just a mosquito bite and wanted to rule out Lyme's disease with a test (to appease me I think). When asked by Adam after we returned - "Did you have to give blood?" Nathan replied - "No they just took it."
We got a call a few days later that the test came back negative :)

JCB said...

Erin -- that is CLASSIC! Thanks for sharing it. Glad Nathan is okay. We miss you guys.