Monday, August 10, 2009

Tiring, but fun

Seems like awhile since I've updated the world on little Cassandra. She's getting six teeth at once (to add to her bottom two). They're actually almost all in now, so stock in Tylenol is likely to drop.

She has discovered how to get up on all fours as well as how to sit herself up. Unfortunately, she does this in the crib at night and has NOT learned how to lay herself back down. We go to respond to her wake-ups, but it's dark and we can't easily locate her in the crib. Last night at about 2:00am (or was it 4:00am?) she was sitting up, stuck in the corner of her crib facing the wall. It's tiring, but equally fun to watch.

The other night after I first went in to lay her back down, I reported to Brad and Zander that I had found Cassandra "on all fours!" Zander looked at me quite worried and said, "You found her ON THE FLOOR?!" I assured him that no, she was not on the floor.

Finally, we had a parent-meeting with her primary caregiver at the child development center (aka daycare). I don't think I've mentioned that -- overall -- we are pleased with the level of care she is getting at the center. They love her and she loves them. She doesn't nap much while she's there and those around me always get an earful of complaints about it. Other than that, we feel confident about her care.

But, as I've mentioned here before (and as those around me also get an earful about), I have a preference that we don't immerse Cassandra in the princess culture. Granted that, by having this preference, it pretty much guarantees that she'll be obsessed with princesses and I'll be out buying her them so she will poop in the potty, just like we bribed Zander with Thomas trains. But I digress. It is ironic though, that the wonderful developmental milestone binder that her caregiver has been maintaining has this as its cover...

...a Disney princess just mocking me.


Andy said...

Good luck avoiding the princesses. My kid loves dirt, bugs, animals, exploring, wrestling, sports, etc. - and is still obsessed with princesses. Ugh.

Susan said...

Thought I would comment so it wouldn't say "1 comments."

JCB said...

To be honest Andy -- if she loves dirt and bugs and animals and all that good stuff and ALSO likes princesses, that would be okay with me. Wait, did I just say dirt and bugs were good stuff? I think I did!