Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kindergarten update for the record

Every weekday my boy has been happily getting on a bus to go to kindergarten. He seems to enjoy school in general, although we don't get a lot of details. (We are wildly spoiled by his preschool, which posted daily journals of the children's work as part of extending the projects. See this post and this post, for example).

In his kindergarten class, Zander has the opportunity to earn "super-kid" awards for good behavior. As of this writing, he has been at school for seven days and has earned six "super-kid" awards. Once a child earns five awards, he or she can trade them in and make a trip to a treasure box. Yesterday, Z traded his awards in and came home with a piece of plastic something-or-other. Seriously, I couldn't figure out what it was and neither could he. It was missing some other (key) parts, but he was thrilled with it nonetheless. (I will not debate the merits of extrinsic vs. instrinsic motivation on this blog. I won't I promise. At least not today. Instead, I'll just bore my friends and husband to death talking about it. After all, we've resorted to full-scale bribery too.)

So, what's he learning in kindergarten? Well, the other night at dinner while we were playing charades -- which we do frequently in an attempt to get Zander to sit at the table for more than, oh ten seconds -- he raised his hand instead of shouting out the answer. Apparently, raising one's hand is a surefire way to earn a "super-kid" award. Who knew? Also, although Zander has shown an interest in the months of the year for a long time now, I was still surprised when I asked Brad the date on Wednesday and Zander responded, "September 16, 2009!"

Finally, he is preoccupied with the possibility of missing the bus (yet still dilly-dallies getting ready). Go figure. When we ask him to brush his teeth he says, "We're gonna miss the bus!" When we pull up to the bus stop he says, "Maybe we missed the bus."

P.S. Also, he now knows the pledge of allegiance. (I had forgotten all about it until he mentioned it, but then I recited it by heart.) Yesterday was "Constitution Day" and he came home with a coloring page that said, "We love the USA" and a little book that included "respect the flag" or something to that affect. I hope there is also a "Diversity Day" or an "International Day."

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Kelly O said...

We're digging kindergarten, too. Yay!