Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lowering the bar

So, I used to be organized and prepared. I prided myself on having everything I needed or anything that others might have needed in my good 'ole diaper bag. Need an extra diaper? I had one! Need some snacks, a juice box -- no problem! Jill's got it.

Well that was -- BSK (Before Second Kid).

Brad keeps telling me that I need to "lower the bar" and be easier on myself for the silly little mistakes I make and for being less prepared than I used to be. Well, boy I have lowered the bar this weekend!

We're in New Jersey for a Bat Mitzvah (yes, another one). And here's what I've done to lower the bar so far:
  • failed to bring clothing for Z (so we actually had to go out and buy some underwear);

  • forgot a belt for Z;

  • forgot to bring snacks or things to preoccupy Zander during the long service;

  • lost Cassandra's Taggies blanket;

  • forgotten to take the camera to any of the family events so far;

  • etc. etc.
Nothing catastrophic by any means, so I'm not beating myself up too much. But jeez, I feel like I'm in my own personal cruel game of limbo. (That analogy doesn't really make sense, since when you lower the bar in the game of limbo, it actually gets *more* difficult. But I'm also lowering the bar on coherent analogies in my blog posts.)


Anonymous said...

Well, it's not like you work full-time, breast-feed, pump, take care of two kids, be a great friend and partner AND write an awesome blog or anything. Sheesh!

JCB said...

Thanks LB. You know just hat to say. And whenever I need to laugh I think of you saying "Very uncomfortable! Very uncomfortable"

Susan said...

I will share in the blame for the lost taggie. When the Braunstein women are shopping together, as we were when taggie went missing, it's lucky we don't lose the baby.
We were together two full days. In that time we went to 3 Bat Mitzvah events, one family dinner and Costco, Target and Walmart while teaching Cassandra the fine art of shopping.

Anonymous said...

So glad my traumatic gyno exam brings a smile to your face. ;-)