Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For reasons I am not totally sure, Zander has developed an intense fear of "robbers." He asks about them daily. He reminds us to lock the doors (and windows!) each night. He's afraid a robber will take his Taggies blanket. He asked what would happen if robbers dressed like police and we couldn't tell the difference. (That question -- and the reality of it -- scares me too!) He went so far as to say that he didn't want to earn any money because then a robber might want to take it.

We can't figure out where this fear is coming from. Sure, there is a (fairly mild) story about bank robbers in one of the Flat Stanley chapter books we have. But, in the end (an invisible -- not flat) Stanley helps to apprehend the robbers and all is well.


Susan said...

Forgot to tell you Grandpa told him a story about how robbers came with guns and Grandpa shot them. ONLY KIDDING!

Zander did hear that story at the US Mint in Denver about robbers.

JCB said...

Ha ha.

Yes, Z told me all about the story of the robbery at the mint. I had forgotten about that. Apparently, they had a machine gun on display or something? Guess I missed it because I was back at the apartment listening to Cassandra wail herself to sleep.